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LDX Sound Labs

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Sound Design & Foley

We enjoy and drive for the process of specifying, acquiring, manipulating and/or generating audio elements. We work in a variety of disciplines including filmmaking, television production, theatre, sound recording and reproduction, live performance, sound art, post-production, and video game software development.

Post Audio Editing

We deliver audio editing, from dialogue editing, to audio repair, adr, and indie re-recording meeting your projects deadlines. Our studio hosts a variety of gear to elicit top notch, stellar sound.

Music Composition and Scoring

Our background is founded in the creation of music. We have a resource to players of various instruments and styles along with producers a state of the art project studio, to produce any kind of music required for the backdrop of your story. Our music creation isn't only for backdrops for film and video, but available as artistic pieces by themselves for the entertainment and enjoyment for the masses worldwide. Check us out let us know what you think.

Music Production and Mixing

We carry extensive experience in music production and mixing, a great deal of which can be found in the projects we've composed music for. So no matter what the styling of the piece we have the expertise to bring about the sound and feeling desired for the song being elicited.

About Us

About Us

We’re big believers in doing things right. We desire to apply the proper applications to give any project what it needs to be lifted to the next level. We've been working with post sound since 2009 and have been growing ever since, gaining awards experience and knowledge on delivering for any sound or music project. We intend to grow the company by gaining new customers, with any size project or budget and taking our sound, music, and media to the next level. Check us out.

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We have worked with a numerous amount of works and sound projects of various varieties and levels of film, video and sound. We are always striving to expand our boundries, along with perfecting the craft in the work we do, and refining the sound and productions we deliver. Here is an offering of a few of our endeavors.


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James S. Creative Director
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Atlanta, GA

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